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Optimize your law firm’s competitiveness and profitability with tailored training on what matters most today.


Capitalize on Technology Disruption

64% of law firm leaders say insufficient technology leverage is a medium-to-high-risk factor for profitability, especially as ALSPs continue to take market share.

Differentiate from the Competition

Upskilling lawyers on business development, technology adoption, and workflow optimization boosts profitability, cuts costs, and frees lawyers up for rewarding high-value work.

Acquire and Retain Top Emerging Talent

An innovative workplace, rewarding work, and greater work-life balance are key ingredients to attracting and retaining top emerging legal talent.

Become a Trusted Advisor

By understanding the technological and operational complexities of the day, your lawyers can become and remain trusted advisors to your clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our firm is unique. Can we tailor the content and delivery for our specific needs?

YES. Our facilitators are happy to work with you to ensure learning outcomes are optimized.

Do we need to purchase all of the modules?

NO. We can deliver individual modules, however buying the entire suite of modules comes with significant cost savings per module.

Is there a limit on participants?

NO. Our pricing reflects the number of participants enrolled.

How is this delivered?

In a post-COVID world, our preference is for online webinar delivery. We have also found that this is more effective. However, we can deliver face-to-face sessions if necessary, and have done so at legal offices from London to New York, and Sydney to Shanghai.

Our firm has existing suites of software it has purchased. Can the training incorporate these?

If your software is fit-for-the-purpose of what we teach, then we can tailor our training accordingly. For example, if you are using Salesforce as your CRM, then we can tailor our language and content when referencing CRMs accordingly.

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