Solving local government challenges with startup solutions

Local GovStart launched in 2019 (previously named Springboard), when three leading councils in Victoria joined forces to search ‘outside the building’ to find solutions that could benefit their residents. The next program will kick off at the beginning of 2021 and support councils in making a positive impact in the community following the current COVID-19 crisis.

Why participate?

The program offers a wide range of benefits for councils that decide to participate.

Build relationships with talent in the startup ecosystem
Get across emerging trends and identify new ways to deliver services
Attract and retain talent who value working at innovative councils
Support local startup ecosystem
Gain exposure to different ways of thinking
Branding and marketing exposure
Tap into lots of potential solutions to define challenges
Tackle community issues in smarter and more innovative ways
Identify opportunities to integrate new technologies into the core business
Help your community recover from COVID-19 crisis
Support local businesses


October 2020 to June 2021

Confirm key partners

October 2020

Define Problem Statements

November 2020

Develop Program Website

January 2021

Marketing and Startup Scouting

February - April 2021

Deliver Initial Shortlist

May 2021

Deliver Pitch Event

June 2021

Next Steps and Startup Engagement

June 2021

“The City of Ballarat worked with Shay and the Collective Campus team in 2019 to attract startups to pitch their ideas to help solve community issues. Shay and the team were able to effectively work with the Councils to identify appropriate statements to attract startups across the world, leading to a large number of applications to the program, and some potential fantastic outcomes for the community that would not have been accessible without the assistance of Collective Campus”

Matthew Swards

Manager Business Improvement, Ballarat City Council

Case Study - 2019 Springboard Program

We successfully delivered a startup matching program for three councils in 2019.

City of Ballarat, City of Casey, City of Whittlesea and Collective Campus joined forces to create opportunities for Startups and Scaleups to solve challenges within the community.

The ‘Springboard’ program offered innovators and entrepreneurs from not only Australia but all over the world, the chance to share their innovative solutions to address high priority community challenges.


Victorian councils launch community program for startups

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