Customer Experience

Customer Experience course


As an organisation, these challenges might be familiar:

  • You find that most Customer Experience resources are either filled with impractical theory, or you get a buffet of tactics without a conceptual framework
  • You feel daunted having to justify the business case for Customer Experience, along with winning support from key decision makers such the CFO  
  • You don’t know where to start due to the complexity of the customer journey(s). The lack of confidence creates hesitation and inaction

After coaching 200+ executives on Customer Experience, we have witnessed what works and what doesn't.

This has led us to launch our flagship course "The Customer Experience Crash Course." We designed it to help corporate innovators (like yourself) cut their learning curve.

By engaging Collective Campus, you will discover how to:

  • Identify customer segments, map out key touch points within the customer journey while developing a deep understanding of what attracts and repels them
  • Implement proven Customer Experience methodologies towards driving innovative customer experiences that delight, attract and retain customers
  • Break down silos and fostering a culture of customer-centric innovation across your organisation. This is critical for uniting the organisation behind a common cause - the customer
  • Track the right metrics concerning customer health, while creating an accountability framework. This is critical when it comes to gaining support from key stakeholders.


    Gain an understanding of the importance of customer experience and the need for consistency across the different interactions a customer has with a business.
    Learn techniques that will give you a deeper and more intimate knowledge of your customers
    Learn how to take charge of your customer experiences by identifying and mapping key customer journeys.
    Learn how to identify customer touch points that have the potential to create memorable experiences for your customers.

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