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7 Industries Making Use of Artificial Intelligence

7 Industries Making Use of Artificial Intelligence
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7 Industries Making Use of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a broad computing term used to describe any non-human code, program, or machine that can intelligently learn in a way that follows or exceeds human, logistical traits. We are in the midst of a vast, unseen Artificial Intelligence revolution – with more and more industries making use of this emerging technology. Here are a few of the industries making the most out of AI. 


Insurance is a perfect industrial environment for the implementation of AI. This is due to the historical reliance on data analysis to calculate risk and generate quotes in the field. AI is being used by modern firms like KBD car insurance to analyze huge evolving datasets so they can offer customers better prices and lose less money through claims in the process. In An industry based on risk calculation, the use of AI makes perfect sense. 


Artificial Intelligence is being used in the diagnostics and early detection areas of modern healthcare. IBM’s Watson For Health and Google’s DeepMind Health both help medical professionals diagnose illnesses by intelligently searching through a huge database of contextually sorted information. Intelligent algorithms are being used to help doctors analyze mammogram data in order to prevent false results from being reported to patients – something that is alarmingly common when only human analysis is used. 


Retail companies are constantly looking at ways of understanding their core target audiences. Artificial Intelligence is being utilized for just such a task. Retail companies are using AI to create an accurate predictive analysis of market trends and consumer desires. 


Banking has undergone something of an AI revolution. Artificial Intelligence is being utilized to calculate investment risk, appropriate interest, and all sorts of other complex figures that benefit from being based on diverse and evolving datasets. In the public-facing financial services world, AI is used to create responsive quotes and provide customer services. 


Machine learning and predictive analytics are extremely useful in the logistics industry. They enable for the optimal stock replenishment, transport, and fuel economy necessary for running a successful operation. In the near future, logistics companies may turn to self-driving vehicles made possible by Artificial Intelligence. 


Although the term Artificial Intelligence has a long history in gaming – being used to describe the codes determining the actions of Non-Playable Characters – true AI is only just being implemented in the field. Responsive and adaptive worlds and characters are now being included in video games. Sometimes Artificial Intelligence completely determines the way a game is played. This is true of the procedurally generated space game No Man’s Sky. 


Manufacturers are leading the way in the application of AI technologies. In factories, Artificial Intelligence is being used to predict maintenance needs by examining constantly changing sets of telemetric data. This allows smart factories to operate far more efficiently. In the quality control area of a manufacturing concern, AI is being used to intelligently notice trends in quality so that plans can be implemented in order to quickly fix issues. 

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Tom Chambers

Tom Chambers is the Innovation Consultant at Collective Campus.

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