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Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) in Singapore

Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) in Singapore
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In the dynamic landscape of global business, innovation has emerged as a driving force for growth and sustainability. Corporations seeking to stay ahead of the curve are increasingly turning to Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) as a strategic tool to foster innovation, tap into emerging technologies, and forge collaborations with promising startups. Nowhere is this trend more evident than in Singapore, a thriving hub for innovation and entrepreneurship in the heart of Southeast Asia.

Singapore's strategic geographic location, well-established infrastructure, and pro-business policies have made it an attractive destination for multinational corporations to establish their foothold in the Asia-Pacific region. Recognizing the need to remain competitive and adaptable, many of these corporations have ventured into the world of venture capital, creating their own CVC arms. These CVC firms not only provide financial support to startups but also bring industry expertise, market access, and valuable networks to the table.

In this article, we delve into the vibrant landscape of Corporate Venture Capital in Singapore, exploring the notable CVC firms that have emerged from key industries such as telecommunications, finance, real estate, and more. From telecommunications giant Singtel's Innov8 to the real estate powerhouse CapitaLand's C31 Ventures, these corporate venture arms play a pivotal role in fostering innovation and driving the growth of both established corporations and agile startups.

Ten Prominent CVC Firms from Singapore

1. Seeds Capital (by Enterprise Singapore): Seeds Capital is the investment arm of Enterprise Singapore, providing funding to startups in strategic sectors such as advanced manufacturing, agri-food, health, and mor

2. SGInnovate: While it's not a traditional corporate venture capital firm, SGInnovate is a government-owned organization that supports and invests in deep tech startups in Singapore.

3. Singtel Innov8: The corporate venture capital arm of Singtel, one of the largest telecommunications companies in Singapore, focusing on technology and innovation.

4. DBS Bank Innovation Group: The DBS Innovation Group invests in fintech startups and emerging technologies to drive innovation within the financial services sector.

5. Keppel Corporation: Keppel has established its corporate venture arm to invest in startups and technologies related to sustainable urbanization, energy, and environmental solutions.

6. CapitaLand (C31 Ventures): The venture arm of CapitaLand, one of Asia's largest real estate companies, investing in startups with innovative real estate and urban solutions.

7. ST Engineering Ventures: The corporate venture capital arm of ST Engineering, investing in technology startups that align with the company's engineering and defense solutions.

8. SP Group: The SP Innovation Fund is focused on investing in energy and utility-related startups to drive innovation in the energy sector.

9. Temasek Holdings (Vertex Ventures): While Vertex Ventures operates independently, it's the venture capital arm of Temasek Holdings, a major investment company owned by the Singapore government.

10. Wilmar International: Wilmar has established venture funds to invest in startups and technologies related to agriculture, food processing, and consumer goods.

Corporate Venturing-as-a-Service (CVCaaS)

Corporate venture capital as a service has emerged as a leading way that corporations are engaging and investing in startups. Here at Collective Campus we can manage every aspect of your company's venture fund, from administration through to operations, sourcing deal flow, performing due diligence, and making investment decisions approved by your investment committee.

Contact us to learn more about what a CVC at your organization could look like.


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