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List of 160 Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) Funds from Around the World

List of 160 Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) Funds from Around the World
What's new: K-Startup Grand Challenge 2020 for Australian/New Zealand Startups! More information here.

Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) funds have emerged as a powerful catalyst for innovation and growth, transcending geographical boundaries to reshape industries on a global scale. From the bustling tech hubs of North America and Europe to the dynamic landscapes of Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, corporations are venturing beyond their traditional roles, establishing strategic investment arms to fuel entrepreneurship and drive technological advancements.

These CVC funds not only provide financial backing to startups but also bring invaluable industry insights, networks, and market access, creating a symbiotic relationship that bridges the gap between established giants and agile innovators. As they navigate the nuances of regional markets and diverse sectors, these CVC funds stand as beacons of cross-border collaboration, reshaping economies and propelling the world forward into an era of transformative change.

United States

  1. Intel Capital (Intel Corporation)
  2. Google Ventures (Alphabet Inc.)
  3. Salesforce Ventures (Salesforce)
  4. Microsoft Ventures (Microsoft Corporation)
  5. Samsung Catalyst Fund (Samsung Electronics)
  6. Amazon Alexa Fund (Amazon)
  7. Comcast Ventures (Comcast Corporation)
  8. Verizon Ventures (Verizon Communications)
  9. IBM Ventures (IBM)
  10. Citi Ventures (Citigroup)
  11. GE Ventures (General Electric)
  12. Cisco Investments (Cisco Systems)
  13. Johnson & Johnson Innovation (Johnson & Johnson)
  14. Capital One Ventures (Capital One)
  15. Walmart Ventures (Walmart)
  16. ExxonMobil Ventures (ExxonMobil)
  17. Intellectus Partners (Procter & Gamble)
  18. FedEx Ventures (FedEx)
  19. Ford Smart Mobility (Ford Motor Company)
  20. Merck Global Health Innovation Fund (Merck & Co.)


  1. BMW i Ventures (BMW Group)
  2. Airbus Ventures (Airbus)
  3. Siemens Mobility Innovation Fund (Siemens)
  4. Bosch Venture Capital (Bosch)
  5. Innogy Ventures (Innogy SE)
  6. Total Carbon Neutrality Ventures (TotalEnergies)
  7. Santander InnoVentures (Banco Santander)
  8. EON SE Innovation (EON)
  9. Nestlé Ventures (Nestlé)
  10. L'Oréal BOLD Ventures (L'Oréal)
  11. Novartis Venture Fund (Novartis)
  12. Enel Innovation Hub (Enel)
  13. LVMH Luxury Ventures (LVMH)
  14. BP Ventures (BP)
  15. Volkswagen Group Future Center Europe (Volkswagen)
  16. Allianz X (Allianz)
  17. Orange Ventures (Orange)
  18. ABB Technology Ventures (ABB)
  19. Maersk Growth (A.P. Moller - Maersk)
  20. Nokia Growth Partners (Nokia)

United Kingdom

  1. Unilever Ventures (Unilever)
  2. BP Ventures (BP)
  3. Santander InnoVentures (Banco Santander)
  4. Sky Ventures (Sky Group)
  5. British Telecom (BT) Ventures (BT Group)
  6. Barclays Ventures (Barclays)
  7. Rolls-Royce Ventures (Rolls-Royce Holdings)
  8. Diageo Technology Ventures (Diageo)
  9. National Grid Partners (National Grid)
  10. Legal & General Investment Management Ventures (Legal & General)
  11. Shell Ventures (Royal Dutch Shell)
  12. Aviva Ventures (Aviva)
  13. HSBC Ventures (HSBC)
  14. RBS Innovation Gateway (Royal Bank of Scotland)
  15. Centrica Innovations (Centrica)
  16. RWE Generation Ventures (RWE)
  17. Standard Chartered Ventures (Standard Chartered Bank)
  18. Landsec Innovation (Landsec)
  19. Babcock International Group Ventures (Babcock)
  20. AstraZeneca Ventures (AstraZeneca)


  1. Samsung Catalyst Fund (Samsung Electronics, South Korea)
  2. SoftBank Vision Fund (SoftBank Group, Japan)
  3. Toyota AI Ventures (Toyota, Japan)
  4. Sony Innovation Fund (Sony, Japan)
  5. Tencent Investment (Tencent Holdings, China)
  6. Baidu Ventures (Baidu, China)
  7. Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund (Alibaba Group, China)
  8. SK Group Ventures (SK Group, South Korea)
  9. Mitsubishi Corporation RTM Japan (Mitsubishi Corporation, Japan)
  10. Ping An Ventures (Ping An Insurance, China)
  11. Hyundai Cradle (Hyundai Motor Company, South Korea)
  12. Reliance Industries Ventures (Reliance Industries, India)
  13. HDFC Life Innovation Labs (HDFC Life, India)
  14. Tata Capital Innovations Fund (Tata Capital, India)
  15. Singtel Innov8 (Singtel, Singapore)
  16. BDO Unibank Innovation Fund (BDO Unibank, Philippines)
  17. Rakuten Ventures (Rakuten, Japan)
  18. CK Hutchison Innovation Fund (CK Hutchison Holdings, Hong Kong)
  19. Dai-ichi Life Venture Capital (Dai-ichi Life Holdings, Japan)
  20. TSMC Venture Capital (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Taiwan)

Australia and New Zealand

  1. ANZi Ventures (Australia and New Zealand Banking Group, Australia)
  2. Westpac Reinventure (Westpac Banking Corporation, Australia)
  3. Commonwealth Bank Innovation Labs (Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Australia)
  4. Telstra Ventures (Telstra, Australia)
  5. NAB Ventures (National Australia Bank, Australia)
  6. Air New Zealand Ventures (Air New Zealand, New Zealand)
  7. BNZ Partners (Bank of New Zealand, New Zealand)
  8. Auckland Transport Innovations (Auckland Transport, New Zealand)
  9. Woolworths Group Ventures (Woolworths Group, Australia)
  10. Sparkbox Ventures (Spark New Zealand, New Zealand)
  11. ASB Bank Innovation Labs (ASB Bank, New Zealand)
  12. Vocus Upstart (Vocus Group, Australia)
  13. Z Energy Ventures (Z Energy, New Zealand)
  14. Kathmandu Innovation Fund (Kathmandu, New Zealand)
  15. Mercury Rise Ventures (Mercury, New Zealand)
  16. REA Group Ventures (REA Group, Australia)
  17. Fonterra Ventures (Fonterra, New Zealand)
  18. Xero Investments (Xero, New Zealand)
  19. EnergyAustralia Innovations (EnergyAustralia, Australia)
  20. Kogan Ventures (, Australia)

Latin America

  1. Bradesco Ventures (Banco Bradesco, Brazil)
  2. Itaú Unibanco Ventures (Itaú Unibanco, Brazil)
  3. Natura &Co Ventures (Natura &Co, Brazil)
  4. Banco Santander Brasil InnoVentures (Banco Santander Brasil, Brazil)
  5. Oi Futuro Labs (Oi S.A., Brazil)
  6. Grupo Pão de Açúcar Ventures (Grupo Pão de Açúcar, Brazil)
  7. Enel Américas Ventures (Enel Américas, Chile)
  8. Grupo Falabella Innovation Fund (Grupo Falabella, Chile)
  9. LATAM Airlines Ventures (LATAM Airlines Group, Chile)
  10. Banco de Chile Innovation (Banco de Chile, Chile)
  11. Química Amparo Ventures (Química Amparo, Brazil)
  12. Votorantim Ventures (Votorantim Group, Brazil)
  13. Falabella Capital (Falabella, Chile)
  14. Raízen Ventures (Raízen, Brazil)
  15. Cemex Ventures (Cemex, Mexico)
  16. GPA (Grupo Pão de Açúcar) Ventures (GPA, Brazil)
  17. CENCOSUD Ventures (CENCOSUD, Chile)
  18. AES Gener Ventures (AES Gener, Chile)
  19. Lojas Americanas Ventures (Lojas Americanas, Brazil)
  20. Banco do Brasil Ventures (Banco do Brasil, Brazil)

Middle East

  1. Aramco Ventures (Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia)
  2. STC Ventures (Saudi Telecom Company, Saudi Arabia)
  3. Mubadala Ventures (Mubadala Investment Company, UAE)
  4. Emirates NBD Ventures (Emirates NBD, UAE)
  5. Aramex Ventures (Aramex, UAE)
  6. Mobily Ventures (Etihad Etisalat, Saudi Arabia)
  7. SABIC Ventures (SABIC, Saudi Arabia)
  8. ADNOC Ventures (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, UAE)
  9. Al Tayyar Ventures (Al Tayyar Travel Group, Saudi Arabia)
  10. Emaar Ventures (Emaar Properties, UAE)
  11. Abdul Latif Jameel Ventures (Abdul Latif Jameel, Saudi Arabia)
  12. Tecom Group Ventures (Tecom Group, UAE)
  13. Almarai Ventures (Almarai, Saudi Arabia)
  14. Al Faisaliah Ventures (Al Faisaliah Group, Saudi Arabia)
  15. Al Bawadi Ventures (Al Bawadi Group, Saudi Arabia)
  16. Zain Ventures (Zain Group, Kuwait)
  17. ADIB Ventures (Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, UAE)
  18. Aldar Ventures (Aldar Properties, UAE)
  19. Amer Group Ventures (Amer Group, Egypt)
  20. Bank of Jordan Ventures (Bank of Jordan, Jordan)


  1. Naspers Foundry (Naspers, South Africa)
  2. MTN Group Venture Capital (MTN Group, South Africa)
  3. Barclays Africa Rise (Barclays Africa Group, South Africa)
  4. Standard Bank Incubator (Standard Bank Group, South Africa)
  5. Orange Ventures Africa & Middle East (Orange, Various African countries)
  6. First National Bank (FNB) Innovators (FirstRand Limited, South Africa)
  7. ABSA Ventures (ABSA Group, South Africa)
  8. Ecobank Fintech Challenge (Ecobank, Pan-African)
  9. Dangote Industries Ventures (Dangote Group, Nigeria)
  10. Safaricom Spark Fund (Safaricom, Kenya)
  11. MEST Africa Challenge (Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology, Pan-African)
  12. Anglo American FutureSmart Innovation (Anglo American, South Africa)
  13. Stanbic Bank Incubator (Stanbic Bank, Various African countries)
  14. Pick n Pay Smart Shopper Innovation (Pick n Pay, South Africa)
  15. Nedbank Ventures (Nedbank Group, South Africa)
  16. PwC Ventures (PricewaterhouseCoopers, South Africa)
  17. Egyptian Global Navigation Satellite Systems (EGNSS) Ventures (EGNSS, Egypt)
  18. Bank of Africa Innovate (Bank of Africa Group, Various African countries)
  19. Zenith Bank Innovation (Zenith Bank, Nigeria)
  20. Zamtel Ventures (Zamtel, Zambia)

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