So, who or what is collective campus?

Collective Campus was founded in early 2015, and is a corporate innovation and startup accelerator. Our mission is to unlock the latent potential of people at companies to create impact for the world and lead more fulfilling lives.

What do you guys actually do?

We work with companies across the following areas:

  • Capability Building: online and offline workshops on various topics, including Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Agile, Productivity, Corporate Innovation, and Digital Skills
  • Collaboration: open innovation Corporate-Startup Accelerator, and Corporate-Startup Partnership programs, pairing industry challenges and opportunities with startups and scale-ups that can solve them
  • Consulting: guidance and advisory in areas such as Growth, Testing Ideas, Culture Change, and Customer Experience

And who have you done this for, exactly?

We've worked with organisations of all sizes, across numerous industries, all over the world, from Sydney, Singapore and Shanghai, to London, Dubai and New York.

Our client list includes: Microsoft, Lufthansa, BNP Paribas, OzMinerals, Bank of New Zealand, CUPA-HR, Navitas, Electrolux, Clifford Chance, Clayton Utz, Cochlear, Standard Chartered, FWD, Fox Sports, Asahi Beverages, and many more. You can find our client list and case studies here.

We've also incubated more than 100 startups, as part of our collaboration programs, and have helped them collectively raise more than US$30M.

So who is behind this thing?

Collective Campus was founded by Steve Glaveski, 2-times Wiley author (he wrote Employee to Entrepreneur, and Time Rich), HBR contributor, and host of the Future Squared podcast. He previously worked for the likes of EY, KPMG and Macquarie Bank.

Below is a video of Steve delivering a keynote on his leap from employee to entrepreneur, at the Startup Grind APAC conference.

Seems legit...

Yes. We were also named one of Australia's fastest growing companies by the Australian Financial Review in 2018, and even contributed their feature story on the 20 most innovative companies on the ASX.

So, who are you looking for?

Business development and sales professionals who preferably have experience selling B2B and to large organizations. Selling services and/or innovation is a big bonus, but not essential.

Ultimately, sales comes down to product-market fit, and building and maintaining relationships, so if you can do that, you can succeed in this role. You might even have existing relationships that you could leverage for quick wins too.

And you're looking for people from all over the globe, right?

That's right. While our HQ is in Melbourne, more than 50% of our revenue is generated from AsiaPac, North America and the EMEA regions, and we're looking to grow this.

So why are you building a remote sales team?

Having established a strong brand, case studies, solid SEO (we rank #1 for corporate innovation training and consulting in numerous countries), a content machine that generates over 400 inbound leads a month, and numerous service lines, we are in a position to grow, with the support of talented business development professionals like you.

We have a global talent network of consultants, facilitators. and practitioners who can deliver work in almost any part of the globe, and we just need to sell more of it.

Why not just hire your own in-house BDs?

At the core of our ethos of an organization is staying lean. We believe that by leveraging capable talent from across the globe on an on-demand basis, we can move much faster, and generate higher margins than an in-house sales team. This gives us a huge advantage over other players, and our low cost base means that we can reward you handsomely for your efforts.

You can read more about our philosophy in this article penned by Steve Glaveski on The Professional Services Firm of the Future.

Tell me more about these handsome rewards.

This is a commission only opportunity, but one that pays you 20% gross on any opportunities that you generate or convert. Our deals range from US$10,000 - $20,000 for training programs, through to over US$100,000 for consulting and collaboration programs.

Simple maths:

  • you can earn approximately US$3,000 from selling a typical training program or workshop
  • you can earn approximately US$15,000 from selling a typical consulting or collaboration program

So, remote? I can work from wherever I want, right?

You can also work from wherever you want, and work whenever you want.

You can do this in addition to an existing job, as a side income generator, or a full blown career.

Like most things in life, you get out of it what you put into it.

What about training?

We will provide you with comprehensive documentation, to help you generate, qualify, and close opportunities.

In addition, we will run weekly group Q&As with our remote sales team, and over time, the insights generated during these sessions will help all members of the sales team to close even more deals.

And if it doesn't work out?

Que sera sera... lots of things in life don't work out, and you are free to walk at any time.

If nothing else, you will probably walk away with new marketing and sales techniques that you can leverage elsewhere.

STEP 2: watch the overview video

OK. I'm interested...what now?

You can watch a 40-minute video here that provides further information on the role:

STEP 3: apply