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Increase your organization’s productivity by a factor of 5.
Featured in Harvard Business Review and Wall Street Journal

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Executives often complain that they need more resources.

But they can achieve much more with better ways of working. 

Because in today’s hyper-connected, hyper-responsive world, it can be difficult for people to truly focus. People sit down at their desk, and it’s instant messages, smartphone notifications, emails, and ‘urgent’ tasks to deal with.

Then it’s a meeting to prepare for a meeting, and a meeting to discuss the previous meeting. 

Before they know it, it’s 4pm and they’re not only mentally spent, but they’ve got little to show for all of their busy-ness. Late hours become the norm, and they wind up burnt out and hating their jobs. The ability to disconnect and truly focus is a scarce resource today.

Organizations comprised of people who know how to get to leverage today’s productivity tools and techniques will outperform those that aren’t. Research shows getting into deep work can increase one’s productivity by up to 500%.

There’s no reason for your best talent to be wasting away on mind-numbing, rudimentary tasks, that destroy morale and emotional wellbeing, and don’t move the needle.This productivity and time management training workshop empowers people to get more valuable work done without having to work longer hours.

It empowers your organization to achieve its goals, without needing additional resources.


This workshop is for individuals and teams in organizations of all sizes who are looking to get more valuable work done in less time, avoid wasting their time merely moving widgets around, and leave work feeling accomplished and fulfilled. For companies in the
region and surrounds.


Our productivity training can be delivered face to face, online or via a blended delivery model and can be customised to your organization’s unique requirements.


The Case for the 6-Hour Workday

Collective Campus recently experimented with 6-hour workdays. This increased productivity and employee wellness. Discover our findings in this HBR article.

Stop Letting Push Notifications Ruin Your Productivity

To regain control of your attention span, turn off your notifications. Steve Glaveski writes about cultivating our work environment through our relationship with technology.

National Marketing Operations Manager at Charter Hall

"Steve delivers insights in a naturally engaging style, ensuring you are thinking differently and challenging your biases throughout the workshop. The productivity session I undertook with our Retail team, unlocked new ways to approach work effort and measure value delivered roles. The full day course received 100% satisfaction with all participants stating that it was time well spent."

Created by Steve Glaveski
Author of Wiley book "
Employee to Entrepreneur" and Harvard Business Review article, "The Case For The Six-Hour Workday"


Ready to increase your productivity, without sacrificing your work-life balance?

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