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Learn how to radically improve your productivity and effectiveness while working at home during the COVID-19 outbreak.
Facilitated by Wiley author and Harvard Business Review contributor, Steve Glaveski.

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Webinar facilitator's work on productivity has been featured in:


Our behaviour is often a by-product of our immediate environment.And many of us the world over are finding ourselves in a new environment — at least when it comes to work.

is seeing more white collar professionals working from home than ever before, and in many ways it is a long overdue transition, one that required a pandemic to finally stop leaders anchoring to the past.

But it might not be such a smooth transition for some, given the numerous distractions at play in our ‘home offices’.

When we’re distracted, it can take us about 23 minutes to get back in ‘the zone’.

Even the slightest distraction, such as the 1/10th of a second it takes to glance at a notification on your smartphone, can add up to a 40% productivity loss if you do lots of it throughout your day. Apart from said smartphone, there’s the internet to play with on our desktops (sans colleagues peering over our shoulder) with its rabbit-hole wonders of YouTube and Reddit, there’s Netflix and other streaming services, our fellow residents to engage with, and of course, the refrigerator.

We might have good intentions when it comes to working from home, but as Atomic Habits author James Clear puts it, “we don’t rise to the level of our goals, we fall to the level of our systems”.

If we‘re intentional, we can actually be considerably more productive when working from home, sans all of the non-consequential meetings and the 50–60 interruptions per day that typical employees contend with, most of which are unimportant.

I’ve worked remotely for several days a week for a number of years. During this time, I’ve learned — out of sheer necessity — how to create an environment and put in place systems to consistently perform at what I think is a reasonably high level.
Doing so has been key to my writing several books — one of which, Time Rich: Do Your Best Work, Live Your Best Life, is on productivity — in addition to running a boutique consultancy, launching an ed-tech startup, starting a boutique angel investment arm, writing over 300 blog posts, and hosting a 373 episode strong podcast -all without working crazy hours.

In this two-hour webinar, I will give you and your company's employees the techniques and tools I use to stay incredibly productive and effective while working from home.

Steve Glaveski, Collective Campus


This webinar is for organisations and teams who want to empower their remote teams to work as effectively, if not more effectively, than they do at the office.


This is a two-hour webinar that can be accessed by every member of your organisations, either in real-time or via replay afterwards.
Participants will be able to ask questions as part of the webinar.


- How to set yourself up for success by creating the right environment
- How to overcome your innate tendency to be easily distracted and stay focused for longer
- Tools and techniques to help you become more productive than ever before
- How to effectively coordinate and work with your team without distracting each other all day
- and more...


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10 Quick Tips for Avoiding Distractions at Work

The average employee is getting interrupted 50 to 60 times per day, and about 80% of these interruptions are unimportant.

National Marketing Operations Manager at Charter Hall

"Steve delivers insights in a naturally engaging style, ensuring you are thinking differently and challenging your biases throughout the workshop. The productivity session I undertook with our Retail team, unlocked new ways to approach work effort and measure value delivered roles. The full day course received 100% satisfaction with all participants stating that it was time well spent."

Created by Steve Glaveski
Author of Wiley books "
Time Rich: Do Your Best Work, Live Your Best Life", "Employee to Entrepreneur" and Harvard Business Review article, "The Case For The Six-Hour Workday"