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10 Corporate Venture Capital-as-a-service Firms You Should Know

10 Corporate Venture Capital-as-a-service Firms You Should Know
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Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) has emerged as a strategic tool for corporations to tap into innovation by investing in startups. These investments not only offer financial returns but also pave the way for collaborative breakthroughs and industry advancements.

But most organizations lack either the talent, experience, or networks required to effectively manage and operate a CVC fund.

As such, they're turning to corporate venture capital-as-a-service, or CVCaaS, to help them find strategically aligned startups, perform due diligence, make investment decisions, and help portfolio companies grow either through engagement with the corporate, or via other myriad pathways.

In this article, we explore 10 CVC-as-a-Service providers that are redefining corporate innovation.

1. Collective CampusAustralia's CVCaaS firm previously incubated 98 companies as part of its corporate startup accelerator and scouting programs. These companies have now gone on to raise over US$200M, are worth more than US$1BN today, and have grown in value 3X net since engaging with CC. Collective Campus is now leveraging its deep network and decade-long experience in the space to offer CVCaaS to corporates looking to circumvent the issues they face when it comes to both corporate innovation and effectively investing in startups. Founed by Wiley author, HBR writer, and host of the popular Future Squared podcast, Steve Glaveski, CC has worked with numerous global organizations including Microsoft, Lufthansa, Bank of New Zealand, Linklaters, Village Roadshow, MetLife, and more.


2. Bundl: Belgium's Bundl helps large organizations build, partner, and co-invest to create a portfolio of ventures that finds new growth by leveraging your capabilities and our entrepreneurship. The firm helps organizations with both its internal innovation and incubation efforts, as well as startup partnering and investing.

3. Artesian Capital: Australian VC cum CVCaaS firm provides corporations, industry groups, government organisations and family offices access to transformational startups, delivering distributed research and development, financial and strategic returns, collaborative partnerships, co-investment opportunities and a pre-screened and de-risked M&A pipeline.

4. Global Brain: Hailing from Japan, Global Brain manages multiple investment vehicles like 31Ventures, JGC Mirai Innovation Fund, and Sony Financial Ventures. With over ¥100 billion (approximately US$900 million) under management, Global Brain boasts the title of Japan's largest independent venture capital firm. Their global reach extends to regions like South Korea, Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia, fostering cross-border innovation.

5. Inbio Ventures: Based in Russia, Inbio Ventures specializes in academia, biopharmaceuticals, and VC investments. Managing director Andrey Petrov leads the firm's pharmaceutical and biotechnology investments, while CEO Ilya Yasny focuses on scientific due diligence. Their unique blend of corporate venturing, R&D, and asset management positions them at the nexus of academia and industry-driven innovation.

6. Mach49: Founded by Linda Yates, Mach49 operates as a Silicon Valley-based incubator and accelerator. They empower global enterprises to harness their assets for growth through both "Disrupting InsideOut" and "Disrupting OutsideIn" strategies. Paul Holland, the managing director, spearheads corporate venture investing, partnering with giants like TDK, Schneider Electric, JetBlue, and more.

7. Pegasus Tech Ventures: Pegasus Tech Ventures focuses on Asia's leading corporations, bridging giants like Aisin, Acer, Ajinomoto, and more with startups worldwide. Founder Anis Uzzaman not only leads the firm but also chairs the Startup World Cup, a global startup pitch competition with a substantial investment prize. Their 110-person team operates across seven countries, driving growth in AI, healthtech, and beyond.

8. Redstone: Redstone, headquartered in Germany, pioneers a VC-as-a-service model, guiding corporates and VCs in identifying and partnering with startups. CEO Samuli Sirén, a seasoned investor and entrepreneur, heads the firm. Michael Brehm, a serial tech entrepreneur, supports the global strategy and international business development efforts, fostering valuable connections between established companies and startups.

9. SBI Investment: SBI Investment, a strategic arm of Japan's SBI Group, manages funds for 14 corporations across various sectors. Led by Yoshitaka Kitao, the president and CEO of SBI Holdings, the firm focuses on fintech, AI, blockchain, and an expanded array of industries that align with UN Sustainable Development Goals. Their collaborative approach positions them as a driving force behind Japan's innovation ecosystem.

10. Touchdown Ventures: Completing this visionary lineup, Touchdown Ventures takes a front-row seat in orchestrating over 15 corporate venturing funds for prominent players such as 20th Century Fox, T-Mobile, Kellogg's, and more. Co-founder and CEO David Horowitz's extensive experience in CVC, alongside co-founder and President Scott Lenet's insights, breathe life into Touchdown Ventures' commitment to training and development. With a focus on maintaining high standards and driving meaningful growth, this firm's impact on corporate innovation is profound.

These CVC-as-a-Service providers exemplify the evolving landscape of corporate innovation. By strategically investing in startups, fostering collaboration, and leveraging global networks, they catalyze disruptive ideas and technologies, propelling industries forward into a future of endless possibilities.

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