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The Most Effective Marketing Strategies for Business in 2022

The Most Effective Marketing Strategies for Business in 2022
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Statista reveals that around 92% of US-based businesses now use social media to market their services. Gone are the days of billboards and posters, the digital era has ushered in the era of online marketing, social media campaigns, and influencer agreements. Getting noticed now means having an online presence, but there’s a lot more to it than just that. The digital era is in full swing and the following advertising strategies are considered to be the most effective in 2022.

Video Marketing Should be Placed at The Heart of Your Strategy

The amount of people consuming online video content is at its peak, and this is likely to rise further still. Consumers, in the modern era, use the video format and advertisements on online video platforms to build relationships with brands and companies. Recent reports suggest that around 86% of businesses in the United States use video marketing as part of their advertising campaigns, with 88% of those businesses happy with the results of their video marketing strategies. These businesses report immensely positive ROI resulting from video-based advertisements.

Google-Based Platforms Dominating the Online Advertising Marketplace

Google AdX and Google AdSense have quickly become two of the most popular platforms that allow clients and websites to monetize the traffic that comes onto their domains. In other words, these platforms allow for website owners to purchase advertisements which will then be placed on their website, thereby giving the company money for the advertisements bought. Google Adx is beneficial for advertisers seeking an easy way to get their advertisements out onto the internet without too much hassle and is certainly a great strategy for marketing success, especially for small businesses who need to advertise on a budget.

Marketing Must Focus Less on the Product and More on the Customer

The future of business success, and in turn marketing success, will be based on the needs of the customer rather than the showcasing of new and improved products. Product-focused marketing has been considered outdated in the last couple of years, as there is so much competition and similar products on the market. The best way to draw customers in, in the digital era, is to pander to what they need and want using personal data and other important signifiers of potential customer bases.

Marketers must collaborate with product development teams to help design products that their target audiences are interested in. Doing this allows for synchronicity between on-the-floor production and advertising offices to create a fluid monetization of service. According to an IBM report, customer data is incredibly valuable and businesses that utilize it and learn from it will have the upper hand.

Moving With The Times

Companies of all sizes will only see success if they fully embrace the ushering in of the digital era and use the multitude of tools available online to curate a strong marketing strategy. As Entrepreneur points out, effective digital marketing strategies take a business to the customer and engage with them on the digital platforms they prefer.

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Tom Chambers

Tom Chambers is the Innovation Consultant at Collective Campus.

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