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Design better products, services and internal processes, and gain an advantage over your competition.

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From a tiny fishing village to a global financial centre, Shanghai has come a long way and doesn’t intend to slow down any time soon.

Having swapped its nets for high-net-worth individuals, it has emerged as one of the most rapidly evolving places on Earth.

From M50 and the Mao Live House to scrumptious street food to skyscrapers shaped like bottle openers, it’s a treat for the senses and there’s creativity and innovation anywhere you look.

However, not all Shanghai-based organizations are as creative by default.

In fact, some of the ideas companies come up with are like the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel, leaving everyone, employees and customers alike, a bit bewildered and confused.

Spending too much time on the wrong ideas, many organizations find themselves running on the spot, going nowhere fast.

Or they have too many ideas and, not knowing which to pursue, they suffer from analysis paralysis and are stuck in the same place.

When it comes to ideas, we can help you find your Yao Ming standing head and shoulders above the rest.

We’ve worked with giants like Microsoft, Clifford Chance, KWM, and others, and are in a great position to help you with your innovation goals. We’ll help you generate ideas, identify which to pursue and develop them until they’re ready to take to market.

Our team of multi-disciplinary talent works in major cities worldwide and are ready to partner with you to unleash the same creativity that allows the likes of Alibaba, Baidu and Telsa to thrive.

Why design thinking?

The quality of your thinking determines the quality of your decisions.

Great ideas don’t just happen. 
They evolve. 
And they require that we stand in our customer’s shoes. 

Design thinking helps organizations stand in their customer’s shoes to generate unique insights, identify problems worth solving, and generate ideas worth pursuing.

  • Launch New Products AND SERVICES
    Design thinking helps teams to not only come up with hundreds of product ideas, but identify the ideas that are viable, feasible and desirable.
  • Optimize processes
    Design thinking is not just for products. It can be used to optimize your organization’s internal processes, in order to foster better ways of working, more motivated employees and faster outcomes.
    Customers today expect seamless experiences. Design thinking helps you optimize your existing customer journeys and improve customer satisfaction. 
    Customers today expect seamless experiences. Design thinking helps you optimize your existing customer journeys and improve customer satisfaction. For companies in the
    region and surrounds.
    Design thinking creates a culture of ownership and creativity, and one that the best talent gravitate towards, helping you to improve employee engagement and retention. 


This guide provides an overview of the five key stages of design thinking, from empathy through to test. Find out how to apply the approach and start innovating at your organisation.

Download Guide »
Design Thinking Workshop
- Gain an overview of the five stages of design thinking (Empathise, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test)

- Learn the tools and techniques required to apply each stage of design thinking at your organisation

- Understand how to embed design thinking within your team and across your organisation
- Tackle a real business problem using the design thinking methodology 

- Take a hands on approach, build prototypes, test, and learn 

- Pitch your learnings to leaders to gain buy-in
Design thinking is not just for product teams. It can be used by people from across your organization to solve whatever problems they are faced with. For companies in the
region and surrounds.

Our design thinking training can be delivered face to face, online or via a blended delivery model and can be customised to your organization’s unique requirements.

Participants are encouraged to bring real-world projects to the training and apply concepts learned in real-time to generate measurable business outcomes



Design Thinking Workshop

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Yarra Ranges Council

Design Thinking Crash Course

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Design Thinking workshops

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Capability Lead, Tabcorp

"I have participated in Design Thinking workshops in the past that were held by innovation teams of very large organisations. However, Shay from Collective Campus approaches Design Thinking in a very engaging way – especially for those who have never heard of the concept before.

Unlike other workshops, the one Shay delivered did not feel lengthy, nor did it overwhelm new participants. However, the impact was still valuable – if not more than previous sessions I have been to. A reference booklet which summarised the process was also given to participants post the session.  Overall, I would highly recommend partnering with Collective Campus if you are looking to explore and further employ Design Thinking in your organisational processes."

Head of People & Culture, Maddocks

"The Maddocks team really enjoyed the session from Collective Campus and each team member gained a lot from it. I am excited about next steps to progress the top ideas that came from the session and the team cannot wait to start putting some of what they learned into practice."

Ramona Saligari
Head of Learning & Development

“The team were looking at how they could improve efficiencies with the work they do and come up with creative ideas that would add value and engage the business. Shay ran a Design Thinking workshop at our team’s offsite and the workshop provided a framework in which we could generate creative ideas, shortlist them and vote on the ones we thought might fly.  The process was fun, engaging and provided some team bonding.”

Innovation Lead, Yarra Ranges Council

"Fostering a culture of innovation is one of our key objectives at Yarra Ranges. This led us to engage Collective Campus for a one-day session on Design Thinking. As a result, the Innovation team was able to apply these principles to innovation initiatives while aligning with the rest of the organisation."


Empower your people to take a human centred approach to problem solving
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Shay is the GM of Customer Strategy at Collective Campus. He has launched several startups and helped drive customer experience and innovation across large organisations in industries including retail, utilities, financial services and legal services.In addition, he has coached teams on Design Thinking at companies such as ASIC, Yarra Ranges Council, Maddocks, Pinsent Masons, Clifford Chance, and Tabcorp.

You can check out his insights on Design Thinking here: