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Stop wasting time and money on bad ideas. Empower your organization with the scientific method to run experiments at scale and deliver better products to market.

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A lot of theatre goes down in London town.

Whether it’s The Lion King at the Lyceum, Wicked at The Apollo, or Hamilton at Victoria Palace, it’s not hard to find someone breaking a leg somewhere in the city.

The office, however, should not be one of those places.

Yet, when it comes to putting out new products or services, many organisations are performing innovation theatre. Putting on a huge production, but, you know, not actually producing anything worthwhile.

Instead of making real progress, they go round the houses, over and over, like Hamilton at Silverstone.

Well, it’s time for the play-acting to jog on!

Doing so is more important than ever if London-based enterprises are to remain competitive.

We help organizations get past theatre and towards a culture that lives and breathes lean startup principles.

We’ve worked with companies such as Simmons and Simmons, Microsoft, Clifford Chance, as well as others around the world, and can help you move, learn and succeed faster than ever before.

We have multi-disciplinary talent located all over Europe, as well as globally, and they’re ready to help you adopt the principles that have helped the likes of Airbnb, Netflix and Spotify run laps around the competition.


In today’s fast changing and uncertain business landscape, the organizations that learn the fastest - and make better decisions as a result - will win. 

While many organizations find themselves flush with employee ideas, they have no meaningful way to take those ideas further, short of over-investing in full-blown product development, which often turns out to be a costly mistake. 

Organizations of all sizes are embracing the lean startup to help them take ideas further, and place many small bets, instead of few large ones. 

This helps organizations improve their likelihood of finding product market fit for new product and service ideas, and avoid wasting time and money on the wrong ideas, or worse still, doing anything at all. 

The lean startup supports quickly, cheaply and effectively testing assumptions underpinning an idea. 
It’s about designing experiments to observe what customers will do in the real world, not just what they say.

It empowers managers to make better investment decisions, supported not by what market research reports, group-think, politics or the highest paid person say, but by what customer behaviour tells us.

We’ve worked with some of the world’s largest brands to deliver lean startup training and empower organisations to build, measure and learn much faster than they ever have before - something key to not only thriving, but also surviving in the 21st Century.


Design thinking is not just for product teams. It can be used by people from across your organization to solve whatever problems they are faced with. 


Our lean startup training can be delivered face to face, online or via a blended delivery model and can be customised to your organization’s unique requirements.

Participants are encouraged to bring real-world projects to the training and apply concepts learned in real-time to generate measurable business outcomes.



This ebook provides you with not only an overview of the lean startup methodology, but how to apply it at a large organization.

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Head of Innovation at Sportsbet

"The legacy lives on from the lean startup training our innovation team did with Collective Campus. They now question everything, see things through a different lens and have started to spread that approach throughout the business."

Product Innovation Manager, AGL

"Steve is an engaging presenter with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Lean Startup method."


Empower your people to run fast experiments with the Lean Startup.
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Steve Glaveski is the founder and CEO of Collective Campus, and his mission is to unlock the latent potential of people to create impact in the world and lead more fulfilling lives.He co-founded children’s entrepreneurship program, Lemonade Stand, is the author of several books, including Wiley book Employee to Entrepreneur: How To Earn Your Freedom and Do Work That Matters, is a contributor to the Harvard Business Review and hosts the award-winning Future Squared podcast. He previously worked for the likes of EY, KPMG, Westpac and Macquarie Bank.