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FREE design thinking webinar

There has never been a more important time to better understand your customers and build solutions for real problems. This one hour webinar will provide you with an overview on how your company can navigate COVID-19 challenges with Design Thinking.

register FOR SEPTEMBER 15


Design thinking is nothing new. It is a process, that when applied, can transform difficult organisational challenges into opportunities. There is no bigger challenge right now than the COVID-19 pandemic and it is impacting every organisation around the world.

Companies are being forced to fast-track business model innovation by 3-5 years, as the virus has made leaders rethink how they do things now, not later.

It has never been more important to understand your customers (both internal and external) and design solutions for them. The problems you are trying to solve within any organisation are rarely your own, they are those of a particular group of people. It is imperative to gain empathy for who they are and what is important to them. 


Anyone looking to embed Design Thinking in their organisations, particular leaders across HR, Learning & Development, Digital Transformation, and Innovation.


Shay Namdarian, our resident Design Thinking expert, will be delivering a one hour webinar on applying design thinking during this challenging time. The one hour webinar will cover the following:

Why companies need to focus on the customer now more than ever
Successfully navigating COVID-19 challenges with Design Thinking
How you can start to embed and measure Design Thinking
Original Price $590


Carol Nguyen
Capability Lead, Tabcorp
"I have participated in Design Thinking workshops in the past that were held by innovation teams of very large organisations. However, Shay from Collective Campus approaches Design Thinking in a very engaging way – especially for those who have never heard of the concept before."
Amy Hollings
Organisational Development Project Lead, Yarra Ranges
"Feedback received, both formally and informally, has been overwhelmingly positive, Leaders have admitted to having their eyes opened and thinking challenged, seeing this as an opportunity to be more innovative in how we respond to and add value for our customers. Shay brings great experience, knowledge, ideas and energy to his facilitation. It's been a great experience partnering with Collective Campus and being part of these workshops"
Paula Bayliss
HR Director, Navitas
"Shay quickly developed a clear understanding of our current context and the outcomes we were seeking through using this approach, and the one day program he designed for us really hit the mark. Shay facilitated a high energy, practical workshop which provided us a great shared understanding of the use of design thinking to improve our ability to develop solutions for better EX outcomes."


Shay is the GM of Customer Strategy at Collective Campus. He has launched several startups and helped drive customer experience and innovation across large organisations in industries including retail, utilities, financial services and legal services.In addition, he has coached teams on Design Thinking at companies such as Electrolux, BNP Paribas, ASIC, Maddocks, Pinsent Masons, Clifford Chance, and Tabcorp.

You can check out his insights on Design Thinking here:

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