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ASM Global

ASM Global

Design Challenge


ASM Global

ASM Global is a preeminent venue management and services company with a presence spanning across five continents. With a legacy rooted in flexibility, professionalism, and scale, ASM Global manages some of the world’s most renowned stadiums, convention centers, theaters, and unique venues. Serving clients from various geographies such as , they remain dedicated to delivering unparalleled guest experiences.


ASM Global’s LEAD program was tailored to nurture and develop the company’s high-performing talent across the world (Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Bahrain, and Malaysia). While these individuals showcased exceptional potential and commitment to their roles, there was a need to equip them with innovative strategies and tools to tackle real-world problems faced by the company. It was imperative to not just provide them with theoretical knowledge, but to offer hands-on skills and experiences that would allow them to come up with actionable solutions to these challenges.


To address the unique needs of the LEAD program participants, a strategic approach was devised:

1. Design Thinking Workshop: An in-depth session introduced the high-performers to the five stages of Design Thinking – Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, and Test. The workshop was tailored to equip them with specific tools and skill sets for each stage, enabling them to innovate and strategize more effectively.

2. Coaching Sessions: Building on the insights from the workshop, regular coaching sessions were organized following the workshop. These sessions provided the participants with continuous guidance and mentorship. As they formed teams and began to collaborate, the coaching ensured that they stayed aligned with the Design Thinking methodology while addressing real challenges faced by ASM Global.

3. Pitch Event: The culmination of the program was a pitch event where each team presented their defined problems, innovative solutions, and prototypes to a panel of ASM Global executives. This event was a platform for the high-performers to demonstrate their newfound skills and insights and to receive feedback from senior leadership.


The Design Challenge for the LEAD program participants achieved remarkable success. Each team, through their presentations, showcased solutions that were both innovative and actionable. The apex of this achievement was the unanimous endorsement from the ASM Global leadership: all three proposed solutions received approval for implementation.Through the Design Challenge, the LEAD program participants were not only equipped with the tools and methods of Design Thinking but were also given a platform to make a tangible impact on the company’s future directions. This initiative solidified the program’s objective to foster proactive innovation and collaboration among ASM Global’s high-performers.