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Elevate Your Personal Productivity - Webinar Series

We were thrilled to have Steve Glaveski train our teams on productivity, he is an inspiring leader and the sessions have been eye-opening.

Alexandra Brun
Global Head of Talent Development, Stuart



Stuart is Europe's leading on-demand logistics platform which connects businesses to a fleet of geolocalised independent couriers.


Stuart approached Collective Campus to help it optimize both individual and team productivity, and mental health, as the logistics company continues its rapid expansion across Europe during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Collective Campus CEO and author of the book Time Rich, Steve Glaveski, developed a four part webinar series for Stuart, leveraging the research he conducted when writing Time Rich as well as his own extensive trial and error in the space of optimizing his and his team's productivity over the previous seven years.

The program consisted of 4 x 2 hour fortnightly webinars, which covered the following topics:
Webinar 1: The history of work, and the psychology of flow
Webinar 2: How to improve personal productivity
Webinar 3: How to improve team and organization productivity
Webinar 4: Mental Health at Work

The webinar series has since been packaged up as an off the shelf offering that you can find more info on at


The webinar series was incredibly well received by the more than 150 participants who signed in to each session.

Participants were surveyed at the end of each session, and at the end of the series, and the webinar series received a 94% recommendation rating.

Participants - consisting of both managers and individual contributors - were able to apply practical insights immediately after each session to ramp up both their productivity and improve their physical and mental health as well.