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Agile (Scrum) Workshops

A really good bootcamp on SCRUM! After sending our developers to Collective Campus' Scrum Bootcamp, we've noticed a remarkable difference in the team's application of Scrum. I particularly liked Collective Campus' hands on approach to training, and the customisation they were willing to build into the learning materials for us was very valuable.

Bala Thavarajah
Chief Technology Officer, Bluedot



Bluedot Innovation is a technology company that enables location-based commerce and social innovation across any industry where mobility and location can add value.


Bluedot, a fast growing location services startup that has raised $3.62M, approached Collective Campus to align its teams understanding and practice of the Agile (SCRUM) methodology.


We delivered a customised 2 day Agile (SCRUM) workshop that replicated a real world SCRUM team. Everything, including breaks, was time-boxed to help reinforce agile concepts and ideas.

Delivered a 2 day Agile (SCRUM) workshop


  1. Aligned teams understanding of Scrum, including developers and project managers (tech and non-tech staff)
  2. The team's accuracy of task estimates improved dramatically, delivering more features on time and on budget
  3. Improved the team's ability to deliver features rapidly, critical to success in a fast moving environment
  4. More fluid delivery of product and updates
  5. Take-away materials for future reference were provided to each participant so that team's understanding stays aligned