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Fox Sports

Fox Sports



Fox Sports

Fox Sports is an Australian group of sports channels, owned by Fox Sports Pty Limited, which is owned by News Corp Australia. Its main competitors are ESPN and beIN Sports.



Fox Sports identified a need to shift the mindset of its digital team from supporting delivery of the old to discovery of the new.


Collective Campus designed and delivered a customised 2-day hackathon that exposed participants to concepts such as insights gathering, problem definition, ideation techniques, business modeling, assumption definition, low fidelity prototype development, rapid customer testing and iteration.


The teams developed a number of prototypes to test ideas that were honed during the 2 days. Critically, participants got out of the building, learned that their assumptions were often flawed, iterated on their concepts and prototypes, got out of the building again and got vastly better results. Some of the group's key takeaways:

- You can move much faster than you think- Speed is fundamental to learning fast enough in order to figure out what wows

- The subtle nuances in the way a question is framed is critical to getting the right information from people- Always be testing your assumptions and don't be solving a small or non-existent problem

- A prototype doesn't need all the bells and whistles

- Think 10X, not just incremental improvement

- Don't wait until you have all of the information, get out of the building and learn

- Iterate, iterate, iterate

- It's a great result to learn, earlier rather than later, that your assumptions are flawed

- Design experiments to test actual customer behaviour, don't just ask people what they want, whether they would...

- Beware the counterfeit "yes"