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Glen Eira City Council

Glen Eira City Council

Digital Awareness Workshop


Glen Eira City Council

The City of Glen Eira is located in Melbourne's south-east suburbs, about 10 kilometres from the Melbourne CBD, and is home to over 150,000 people.


Glen Eira City Council wanted to strengthen their understanding of new technologies and also open discussion on what is possible in local government.


Collective Campus delivered training for the Glen Eira City Council team focused on:
- Automation tools: enhancing business processes
- AI: rise of the chatbots, voicebots, and the future of customer service
- Data: capturing and utilizing data to inform strategy and improve outcomes


The Glen Eira City Council team gained a deeper understanding of digital in local government, specifically around automation, AI and data.

Automation: Through harnessing APIs, continuous Integration and other automation tools, public institutions stand to make significant gains throughout their business operations. But with extra complexity comes new risks, and balancing them against potential rewards is crucial.

AI: In one fell swoop Artificial Intelligence could change how we do business and provide customer service. How well do you understand this rapidly developing field? And when will we start feeling its effects?

Data: Having surpassed oil as the world’s most valuable asset, data collection & analysis is now the world’s largest and most complicated business. How can public institutions participate more fully in this exciting domain, while protecting the customers they serve?