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Online Education Services (OES)

Online Education Services (OES)

Design Thinking Workshop


Online Education Services (OES)

Online Education Services (OES) was established to challenge and advance the online education industry, providing a new student-centric approach to adult education. Through partnerships with highly regarded Australian education providers, OES provides the expertise to create engaging online learning experiences for students who are not catered for by traditional campus-based offerings.


OES wanted to introduce a Design Thinking mindset to problem solving within the IT team. They engaged Collective Campus to upskill the team in Design Thinking, including the tools required to apply it to a focus area of the team.


Collective Campus delivered training for the OES IT team to help them:

- Develop a detailed understanding of Design Thinking as a creative problem-solving mindset. 

- Build hands-on knowledge in use of best practice tools and templates.
- Develop strategies to adopt behaviours required to embed Design Thinking in the organisation.
- Identify innovative ideas to a key problem faced by the IT team.


The team gained a deep understanding of the value in applying Design Thinking to problems in the IT team and across other parts of the business. The workshop helped facilitate an end to end understanding of Design Thinking and provided the team with a key selection of tools to develop, prototype, and pitch their ideas. The team came up with over 150 ideas and built prototypes of four selected ideas.