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OZ Minerals

Innovation Assessment

Innovation Assessment


OZ Minerals

OZ Minerals is a modern mining company based in Adelaide, Australia. It was originally formed after the merger of Oxiana Limited and Zinifex in 2008.


One of Australia's largest mining and resources companies approached Collective Campus to help it break out of 'the way things have always been done around here' and move towards a culture that supports change and adaptability.


Collective Campus delivered an innovation assessment.

We interviewed key personnel across the organisations, both hierarchically - top down - and horizontally across different functional lines.

We also inspected key procedural documents and systems.

This helped us to form an opinion on gaps versus innovation best practice, insofar as processes, resources and values are concerned.

We captured the findings in a report that made more than 50 prioritised recommendations to OzMinerals management team, in order to clearly guide the organisation's next steps when it comes to culture change to support innovation.


Upon being issued with the report, OzMinerals' innovation team discussed findings with senior management and its Board, in order to gain buy-in for subsequent activities.

Having an independent third party deliver the report, free from the politics of the organisation, provided for a strong artefact in securing buy-in for innovation activities and culture change.