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Singapore American School

Customer Experience Design

Customer Experience Design


Singapore American School

Singapore American School is a non-profit, independent, co-educational day school located in the Woodlands area of Singapore. It offers an American-based curriculum for students in preschool through high school.


Singapore American School identified a need to enhance the customer experience for new and existing parents of students at the school.


Collective Campus delivered a customer experience engagement that focused on two key areas: 

1. Development of customer personas: Together with key stakeholders, we developed customer personas capturing all the information considered important to know from a Customer Experience perspective (eg. interests, concerns, needs/wants, channels).  

2. Mapping of future customer experience journeys: Singapore American School is in the midst of a transformation that includes the development of a brand new Welcome Centre for parents. We developed future customer journeys that mapped all the key touch points and opportunities to WOW parents during the journey. In addition, a Design Thinking session was delivered that included a focused ideation session to brainstorm ideas to help provide a memorable experience for parents.


The key stakeholders from Singapore American School achieved the following outcomes: 

- Understanding of how design thinking can be applied to education to generate insights, identify ideas and build prototypes 

- Aligned understanding of the importance of customer experience in the education landscape 

- Development of three key parent personas 

- Identification of key parent needs and wants to help drive a common customer experience vision for Singapore American School 

- Understanding of Design Thinking and the power of the approach in education 

- Interviewing of real parents to gain key customer insights 

- Development of two future customer journeys for the Welcome Centre 

- Ideation exercise identifying over 80 ideas to help provide a memorable experience for new and existing families at the Welcome Centre 

- Prioritisation of ideas based on Cost vs. Impact