Improve business agility by embedding agile thinking and skills across your organization. We offer tailored training programs in Scrum, SAFe, XP, Lean and Kanban.

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The final stretch of the Circle line was supposed to cost $3.7billion, but now it’s due to cost nearer to $4.9 billion.


The only place you want to see an extra billion is in your bottom line, not your costs!

Such overspending isn’t restricted to huge infrastructure projects, Singapore-based organizations have their projects rise in cost and increase in timeframe all the time!

And a large reason for this is their planning being more rigid than a burnt waffle.

With growing competition from emerging economies in SouthEast Asia, China, India, and, well, the rest of the world, it’s more important than ever for Singaporean Companies to be adaptable as possible.

That’s the beauty of the Agile mindset 

It’s about being as flexible as a performer at Cirque Du Soleil.

It’s about having the speed and responsiveness of Feng Tianwei.

Having worked with companies like Singapore Pools, Ascendas-Singbridge and NTUC Income Giants, we’re in a prime position to show you how adopting Agile concepts will help you deliver projects faster and within budget. 

We’ll help you to break projects down into manageable milestones, use the feedback you gain from each one and swiftly overcome any roadblocks that pop up along the way.

Our pool of multi-disciplinary consultants and facilitators is based all over Asia and they’re ready to help you take on the mindset that’s helped the likes of Netflix, Amazon and Spotify consistently stand proudly on the medal podium. 


If the rate of change is faster outside your walls than inside your walls, then your organization needs to adapt in order to survive.

Agile is about adaptability. 

It’s about flexibility. 

It’s about delivering value one small piece at a time. 

Agile welcomes changing requirements, even late in a project. 

Agile encourages creativity, motivates teams, and empowers them to respond to feedback as they go, so that precious time and resources aren’t wasted.

However, Agile is much more than a methodology. 

Agile supports our need to be human at work: to belong, to learn, to do, to create, to grow, to improve, and to interact with other people. It makes navigating change your organization’s competitive advantage. 

While many organizations suffer from analysis paralysis, and instead opt to hold lots of meetings, agile helps you move forward, and take the lead. Become an adaptable organization that does more doing than talking.


Our agile training is for companies and teams looking to learn and apply Scrum, SAFe, XP, Lean or Kanban. 

Agile isn't just for IT - it is a way of work that can be used to help all teams across the business become more effective and efficient in everything they do. For companies in the
region and surrounds.


Our agile training can be delivered face to face, online or via a blended delivery model and can be customised to your organization’s unique requirements.

Participants are encouraged to bring real-world projects to the training and apply concepts learned in real-time to generate measurable business outcomes. 

Bala Thavarajah
Chief Technology Officer, Bluedot

"A really good bootcamp on SCRUM! After sending our developers to Collective Campus' Scrum Bootcamp, we've noticed a remarkable difference in the team's application of Scrum. I particularly liked Collective Campus' hands on approach to training, and the customisation they were willing to build into the learning materials for us was very valuable."

Mac Korasani
Project Management Lead, B2Cloud

"A great bootcamp session with plenty of information, examples, exercises and thoughtful conversations. I found the experience really helpful and we look forward to implementing a lot of our learnings in our process. I would recommend this course to teams who need to create change and innovate."

Head of IT, Ascendas Singbridge

“Much appreciation also from all of us at ASB! This workshop and the take-aways will help us to help us navigate the uncertainties and ambiguity ahead.”


Build a more adaptable workforce with Agile.
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  • Short & High Impact
    Our training is short and high impact, which means no fluff. Interact with expert trainers for an engaging, interesting real-time learning experience.
  • Fits into your schedule
    We know you’re busy. That’s why the course we develop will fit around the your employees' calendar.
  • Your own curriculum
    Your employees can keep on top of emerging skillsets and technologies with curriculum developed according to their needs.


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Steve Glaveski is the founder and CEO of Collective Campus, and his mission is to unlock the latent potential of people to create impact in the world and lead more fulfilling lives.He co-founded children’s entrepreneurship program, Lemonade Stand, is the author of several books, including Wiley book Employee to Entrepreneur: How To Earn Your Freedom and Do Work That Matters, is a contributor to the Harvard Business Review and hosts the award-winning Future Squared podcast. He previously worked for the likes of EY, KPMG, Westpac and Macquarie Bank.