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Build a digitally literate workforce. Empower your organization with the awareness and skills required to take advantage of the new, digital economy.

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  • Delivery Methods
  • Online
  • Face to Face
  • Blended Learning


Advances in technology alongside business model innovations are fundamentally changing the rules of the game.

Understanding the rules of the game is fundamental to playing the game.

To survive, organizations need to stop thinking analog, and start thinking digital.

Empower your people with the knowledge and skills required to make sense of and adapt themselves and their business units to the digital economy. 

Our digital skills training gives participants an overview of computer logic and the internet, digital privacy, emerging business models and emerging technologies such as AI, analytics, blockchain, IoT, VR/AR and more.


This session is role agnostic, as the subject matter is relevant to and is presented in a way that is engaging to C-suiters, as much as it is to graduates. or companies in the
region and surrounds.


Our digital skills training can be delivered face to face, online or via a blended delivery model and can be customised to your organization’s unique requirements.


The benefits of upskilling your team in Digital Skills:

  • Greater appreciation for digital
  • Become more relevant to clients
  • Identify opportunities where they normally wouldn't
  • Grounding in computational logic – complimenting traditional skills
  • Better understand the potential of new applications
  • Build better relationships with technology industry clients


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Clifford Chance Academy, Director

"Digital Awareness sessions (that Collective Campus delivered) really moved us forward in our collective understanding of key trends. The courses were open to everyone irrespective of seniority or role, a tactic that worked well in the interactive pieces and led to a greater richness in the insights gained. The only entry criterion was the need to better understand some mysterious concepts and technologies!"


Upskill your people on emerging technologies impacting your industry.
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Alec Sloman is a technical facilitator who speaks on subjects including computing, technology, public policy, and Blockchain. He is interested in the intersection of computing and law which he considers to be a very special and very uncertain area - perfect for a curious mind. A software developer at heart, he has taught classes at General Assembly, Code for Australia, Global Law Firms, and many others. He’s a confident and passionate speaker, sure to both entertain and illuminate.