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We help organizations work shorter hours and less days,
without suffering a dip in productivity.

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The 4-day workweek promises productivity gains and improved wellbeing. 

But is it simply a matter of telling your people to take Friday off?

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy.

Doing so might get you improved wellbeing, but it will come at a significant cost to productivity. 

We help organizations work shorter hours and shorter weeks without suffering a dip in productivity.

We do this through our tailored series of training, coaching, and consulting services that can help your organization adopt a 4-day workweek, a 6-hour workday, or both!

If you’re going to cut hours, you need to improve the way you work to make up for lost time.

This includes learning how to:
- prioritize work effectively.
- eliminate or outsource low-value work.
- automate process-oriented work.
- use task boards instead of email to communicate internally.
- set reasonable communication standards with our clients.
- keep meetings to an absolute minimum.
- keep distractions to a minimum.
- stop working on tasks at the point of diminishing returns.
- practice getting into and staying in the flow state.
- keeping productivity-sapping processes to a minimum.
- and more.

We also help you navigate process and policy, and answer important questions such as "do we still pay people the same?" (Hint: Yes). What we care about most when we move to shorter workdays and weeks is outcomes, not hours.

Our programs have been developed by Steve Glaveski, author of Harvard Business Review article, The Case for the 6-Hour Workday, and the book Time Rich: Do Your Best Work, Live Your Best Life (Wiley). 


This workshop is for teams and organizations of all sizes who are looking to get more valuable work done in less time, avoid wasting their time merely moving widgets around, and leave work feeling accomplished and fulfilled.


Our productivity training can be delivered face to face, online, or via a blended delivery model and can be customised to your organization’s unique requirements.

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The Case for the 6-Hour Workday

Collective Campus recently experimented with 6-hour workdays. This increased productivity and employee wellness. Discover our findings in this HBR article.

Stop Letting Push Notifications Ruin Your Productivity

To regain control of your attention span, turn off your notifications. Steve Glaveski writes about cultivating our work environment through our relationship with technology.

National Marketing Operations Manager at Charter Hall

"Steve delivers insights in a naturally engaging style, ensuring you are thinking differently and challenging your biases throughout the workshop. The productivity session I undertook with our Retail team, unlocked new ways to approach work effort and measure value delivered roles. The full day course received 100% satisfaction with all participants stating that it was time well spent."

Created by Steve Glaveski
Author of Wiley book "
Employee to Entrepreneur" and Harvard Business Review article, "The Case For The Six-Hour Workday"


Ready to increase your organization's productivity, while improving work-life balance?

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