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K-Startup Grand Challenge 2020

Promotion and recruitment of startups in Australia/NZ

Promotion and recruitment of startups in Australia/NZ


K-Startup Grand Challenge 2020

First launched in 2016, the K-Startup Grand Challenge is a startup inbounding program organized and financed by the Korean government. The objectives of the program are to promote the expansion of an open entrepreneurship ecosystem in Asia and to assist in South Korea’s evolution into a prominent startup business hub in the region. Over the last three years the program has: - Helped 89 foreign startups establish in Korea - Facilitated the investment of over USD 1.2 billion into startups - Supported startups in developing 881 partnerships - Connected startups with major Korean companies, SMEs, Startups and VCs, resulting in 906 business meetings - Last year, 1,677 startups from 95 countries applied to the 2019 K-Startup Grand Challenge.


Last year, 1,677 startups from 95 countries applied to the 2019 K-Startup Grand Challenge. However, there were very few applications from Australian and New Zealand startups.

The program in 2020 had a focus on tapping into the innovative startups in Australia and New Zealand.


K-Startup Grand Challenge partnered with Collective Campus to support them in connecting with the local Australian/NZ startup ecosystem.

Collective Campus had a clear focus to promote the program to the local ecosystem and support these startups in submitting applications to be part of the program.


Collective Campus supported K-Startup Grand Challenge 2020 in promoting the program to over 3000 Australian/NZ startups, resulting in significantly more applications from Australian/NZ startups than ever before.

Following the application process, successful startups will be shortlised to pitch and the top 60 teams from the world will be selected to join the program.