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ON Running

Productivity and workflow optimization workshop


ON Running

On Running is a Swiss athletic shoe and performance sportswear company founded in 2010 that designs and markets sports clothing and running shoes. As of Sep 2023 it boasts almost 4,000 employees and a market cap of over US$9 billion, making it the world's fastest-growing sportswear brand.


ON Running is the world's fastest growing shoe and sportswear company. Founded in 2010, the company has ballooned to over 3,800 employees.

As such, it has experienced growing pains in terms of maintaining the fast-moving, disruptive startup culture that got it here, and turned to Collective Campus' Steve Glaveski to design and deliver a productivity and workflow optimization workshop to help improve time and capital efficiency.


Fresh from releasing his book Time Rich and delivering a talk at SXSW2021 on the topic, Steve Glaveski designed and delivered a one day workshop covering all of the ins and outs of optimizing both team, manager, and individual contributor productivity - this included both tools and techniques. The workshop was delivered to over 150 leaders from across ON's organization.


Leaders were left with actionable take-aways that they could implement and pass on to their teams to help optimize how they get stuff done so that they can maintain their competitive advantage as a fast-moving sportswear company relative to other players in the market.