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What’s Trending in the World of Team Building?

What’s Trending in the World of Team Building?
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Approximately 97% of employees and managers believe that lack of alignment within a team impacts the outcome of company goals, as reported by Mckinsey. Employees also feel that a strong sense of community within their team can keep them at a company longer and effective communication can result in a retention rate that is 4.5 times higher than that of disjointed teams. Team building is one way to ensure that teams comprising different departments can meet, liaise, and find common ground. If you are planning an upcoming activity for your staff, take note of the following trends to make sure the day is memorable.

Virtual Team Building

Remote work is not just a temporary solution to the global health crisis, with many companies resolving to commit to this way of working in the long-term. Companies like Apple, Microsoft, Slack, Shopify, and Slack, for instance, are currently embracing fully remote or hybrid work models. Virtual team building ensures that distance does not come in the way of optimal working relationships or the ‘good vibes’ that characterize truly excellent teams. Just a few activities to choose from include playing online games (such as online escape room mysteries), live gourmet tea or coffee tasting classes, and building a channel to create and comment on images of staff’s pets, hobbies, or weekend activities.

Accessible Team Building

Accessibility and diversity are making a big impact on business as a whole and when it comes to team building, it is shaping everything from a company’s chosen venue to the activity type. When designing your activity, choose an accessible venue (one that accommodates the specific needs of your staff—including staff in wheelchairs). The venue should be relatively flat, have accessible bathrooms, and be attended to by staff who can help direct your team to the appropriate area. To ensure your activities are diverse, divide teams up randomly with the help of a generator. There are online team generators that allow you to list names and specify the number of teams you wish to divide them into.

When organizing team-building activities, consider partnering with a business travel agency that specializes in accessible and diverse venues. This ensures your chosen location caters to diverse needs, including wheelchair accessibility, providing a seamless and inclusive experience for all participants.

Sustainability Matters

As the world embraces ‘the new normal’, you may find that your employees are far more interested in belonging to an environmentally responsible team than ever before. Recent world events have highlighted the importance of nature and consumers are increasingly more interested in supporting companies with a good sustainability track record. You can prioritize this value in many ways—for instance, by taking part together in activities such as beach and forest clean-ups, tree planting, and garden projects. If you are inviting staff to a weekend away, make sure you choose a hotel or resort that is known for its commitment to energy and water savings.

Team building is more important than ever now that so many teams are working remotely. Savvy companies are either investing in in-person activities or relying on online tools to keep staff united. Just a few trending activities include sustainable and accessible activities that encourage all staff to feel united by a culture that is powerful because of unity.

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