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Today, members of the community expect personalisation, real-time support, consistency, and a connected journey. Public sector organisations need to adapt to the pace of change outside their walls, not only to meet these expectations, but to stay relevant.

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In order to meet growth targets in a competitive and fast-changing economy, organizations need to plug the gap between how they’ve always done things in the past, and how they need to be doing things today. We’ve worked on the innovation programs of numerous public sector bodies across federal, state and local lines, whether government, water, education, or healthcare. 

We’re motivated to work with the public sector is because small changes in the way public servants go about their work, can result in very disproportionately big outcomes for their communities, and that’s something we want to be a part of.


Customer Experience Design

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Leading Customer Focused Teams Workshop

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Digital Awareness Workshop

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Design Thinking Workshop

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Innovation Assessment

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Lean Startup Training

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Design Thinking Crash Course

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Design Thinking Workshop

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Non-Profit Innovation Crash Course

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Agile Training

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Startup Partnerships

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Innovation in local government

This eBook explores why councils need to change, and what they could be doing to not only maintain relevance, but provide greater value to their communities.

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Innovation Lead, Yarra Ranges Council

"Fostering a culture of innovation is one of our key objectives at Yarra Ranges. This led us to engage Collective Campus for a one-day session on Design Thinking. As a result, the Innovation team was able to apply these principles to innovation initiatives while aligning with the rest of the organisation."

Executive Officer CX, City of Whittlesea

“We have developed a great partnership with Collective Campus and their dedication to improving our customers experience is evident in the quality of work they delivered. The work they have led has ranged from facilitating customer experience workshops to the development of customer personas to co-designing a local government first community program for start up’s in partnership with other Councils."

Innovation Program Manager at City West Water

"Collective Campus delivers a dynamic and engaging training program that empowers participants to develop innovative ideas through rapid experimentation and learning. I would recommend them to any organisation looking to build the capacity of its people to develop creative and effective solutions to customer problems."

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We have hosted Innovation Aus' Disrupt the Public Sector conference on several occasions.