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Upskill your employees in applying human-centred design to create innovative products and solutions that your customers actually want.


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One of the most common reasons of corporate innovation projects failing is building a service or product that nobody wants. This often leads to sky-high costs, unhappy end-users and wasted resources.

Design thinking is a human-centric approach to innovation and idea creation. Through this course, your employees will learn the tools and techniques required to apply design thinking in their roles. Design thinking has a number of applications, including solving organisational problems to creating new services and products.

Companies such as IBM, Nike, Intuit, OXO, Marriott, LEGO, SAP and the Walt Disney Corporation all use design thinking to identify new product and service opportunities and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Gone are the days of mindless brainstorming. You might get lucky once or twice but that’s all it is, lucky, and the forces that underpin it in brainstorming sessions are often unknown so replicating that luck becomes impossible.

Design thinking gives us a methodical, ethnography driven process that we can reliably repeat to effectively generate insights, identify problems, hypothesis solutions, build prototypes and test our assumptions to land on ideas worth exploring further - whether we are designing services, improving customer experience or delivering new products to market.

Not only that, but engaging senior leaders in a design thinking workshop will demonstrate the power of customer engagement and how oftentimes our initial ideas, despite our strongest convictions, are often flawed and require a number of tweaks and iterations, based on customer engagement, to get to breakthroughs.

Nobody knows this more than IDEO who advocate the process of “yes, and…where people are encouraged to build upon each other’s ideas, no matter how crazy, during design thinking workshops, to get to the breakthrough. Usually, it’s not the first or even the 50th “yes, and…” iteration that’s a breakthrough. It’s usually the 90th iteration.

By getting people to the root cause, we can not only help to deliver new products and services that rock, but also fundamentally change the way we make decisions every day for the better, by drawing us away from mindlessly pursuing what we think the best decision is towards validated, methodical decision making which over time will make our organisations stronger.

Our approach to design thinking follows this manifesto:
1. Defer judgment
2. Encourage wild ideas
3. Build on the ideas of others
4. Stay focused
5. One conversation at a time
6. Be visual
7. Go for quantity

We can deliver customised, industry specific design thinking workshops for your organisation, both in person and online.

With offices in Singapore and Melbourne, we can provide design thinking training across all of Asia-Pac.

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